My Digital Marketing Skills

Overall AdWords Knowledge 97%
Search Engine Optimisation 99%
Training & Speaking 86%
AdWords Search Network
The search network shows your “Ad” when someone is performing a search within Google or Google Search Partners.
AdWords Display Network
The display network shows an “Ad” (usually and image ad or banner) within a website in Google’s vast network of affiliates.
AdWords Video Network
The Video network shows “Ads” when someone is searching on YouTube for a given topic you have targeted or if you display your video within the display network.
Click Through Ratio 10% Above SA Average
Quality Score 9/10 On Average
Remarketing 90%
KeyWord Research 95%
Ad Extensions 92%
Location Based Targeting 94%
Conversion Ratio 15% Above Industry Average
Conversion Tracking 89%
KPI Reporting 90%
Campaign Structure 97%
Negative Keyword Matching 90%
Cost Saving 92%
Device/Mobile Targeting 87%
Ad Scheduling 93%
Change Log - Active On Your Account 89%
Onsite Optimisation
This is the art of making a website SEO friendly by adding code, text, and tracking tools so that search engines have an easy time finding and indexing your content.
Off-Site Optimisation
This is the practice of using external links, social media and authority marketing to increase the popularity of your site so that search engines think your website is important. I do not believe that Off-Site Optimisation should ever exceed onsite optimisation. Link building should be natural and if done wrong can negatively impact your website.
Marketing Strategy And Consulting
The SEO industry is changing every day, therefore it is important that your company changes with it. Keeping ahead of the competition is my job and I do it with dedication and persistence so that your company will never be left behind
Title Optimisation 99%
Content Optimisation 97%
Keyword Research 95%
Internal Linking 92%
User Experience 96%
Goal Analysis 95%
Google Products Integration 97%
Goal Tracking 96%
Google Analytics 99%
Google Tag Manager 98%
E-Commerce SEO 93%
Google Places Management 94%
Google PhotoSphere Implementation 91%
Google Policy And Best Practice 100%
Reporting & Feedback - In Person 96%
Reporting & Feedback - Via Email 80%