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SEO Company vs SEO Individual | Who to hire?

Where do we draw the line between hiring a SEO specialist or using a SEO company. How much can a single SEO individual handle and when is it a good idea to go with a company? I get asked this question quite a lot and I would love to say that as a SEO specialist that works alone –  “I can handle it all”. Truth is, some jobs are just too big to handle so here is a guide to choosing.

Why use a SEO individual?

  • They come much cheaper than search engine optimisation companies.
  • Their core focus is SEO, they usually do not focus on other duties like helping with some web design, going to endless meeting or getting the boss some coffee.
  • You are speaking directly to the guy that does the work. Usually the SEO company has sales guys that oversell and under deliver because they do not understand SEO fully (they have no practical hands on experience). The individual/freelancer sells the SEO service and does all the work.
  • When there is one person working on your site there is less room for error. There is also a more personal approach to your SEO strategy. The individual does not need to be briefed about the project therefore has less chance of getting it wrong.
  • When the client has questions there is a better chance of getting an accurate answer as the SEO individual will know everything about the clients profile including all work done, progress and billing information. No need to be transferred from one department to the next.
  • You can have piece of mind that the promises that were made by the SEO expert in the meeting can be fore-filled by the same individual and not passed down to a trainee or rookie.
  • The individual usually has more working experience. This is probably why he decided to go solo in the first place. Most freelance SEO guys have already worked for a big SEO company and become over-qualified.

Why use a SEO Company?

  • When you need a little more exposure than just online advertising. This includes above-the-line advertising with design with marketing with development.
  • To keep all your eggs in one basket
  • When you need link building. Link building is very time consuming and hardly ever handled by just one person.
  • When you need a social media manager to monitor and interact with your Facebook or Twitter profiles.(Unless you can find a social expert that focuses mostly on social media)
  • If you have a very large budget.
  • If you are not too worried about how experienced the people working on your site are.


Keep in mind that some SEO companies only have one SEO expert (some have none) and a pool of SEO noobs with limited work experience. The sales guys sell, sell, sell and offer your the world but are not to worried about delivery because they get paid to sell, not deliver.

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