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UPDATE: Google has confirmed in this video released 3 years after the below article, that fresh content is indeed a signal when it comes to ranking.



Have you heard of fresh content marketing… probably not since I only just coined the phrase recently after doing research on where the search engine and SEO ¬†industry is headed. So let me tell you a little about this SEO strategy.

What is Fresh Content Marketing?

Fresh content marketing is the future of SEO (at least for now it is). Though SEO experts will still need to use their skills for all the old SEO tactics like title optimisation, keyword research and backlink building, the new focus will be on fresh content. New content put into a site on a regular basis is what will help the most to get a site to the top position on Google. With the new Google Caffeine update by Google it is evident that fresh content is what Google wants.

How do I know if my content is fresh?

Well if you have not updated in the past 3 months then your site is stale. Google has a bot called the “freshbot” which looks for new content constantly, if your site is constantly updated you may be visited by this freshbot. It is easy to tell if you are visited by the freshbot, simply add a new page to your site and see if it appears in the Google index within a couple of minutes. If it does and it contains a small timestamp in green next to it then you are in good shape. If your site does not show up in the results right away then you may need to update more often.

What about old pages?

Even if you are visited by the freshbot, some pages on your site may be old and out-dated. If these pages contain keywords that you want to be listed under or have brought you many visits in the past then you may want to write a new article or page with these keywords giving Google a fresh updated version to look at. This does not mean that you need to copy the old article and re-post it… you must write a completely new article on the same topic.

What if I only have static pages and no news or posts?

Then I suggest that you get writing, the best way to get new content on your site is by writing a little about your industry and then letting people read about it. Your visitors will like this and so will the search engines.


Keep your site fresh and keep your site updated. No one likes stale cheese, not even a search bot.



  1. SEO Blog August 30, 2009 Reply

    Bryan speaks the truth here. Content is king and will always be, and the more fresh and ‘young’ this king is the more he can defend your site from your competitors.

    You wouldnt want a hundred year old soldier been on your frontline, so why do it with your content?

    The question I pose is this: Will Blogs be the new ‘traditional website’ in the future?

    If the answer is yes, my advice would then be to have your blog pages as your main page (index / home page) with other pages such as contact details, services, or product info on the menu.

    Enough from me

  2. seocowboy November 13, 2009 Reply

    I believe you are right Chris, that is exactly the approach I am using and I believe it will work very well in the future, especially after the Google Caffeine update.

  3. May 28, 2010 Reply

    These are great insights. Fresh content definitely is one big help as far as online marketing is concerned. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Robert Bravery July 14, 2010 Reply

    Yep, gone are the days where all you have to do is keyword stuff your page to apear on Google. Now it is contnt that matter.

    You touched on fresh content, and that content is king.
    But in my eyes there is the royal family of content.
    Fresh Content
    Relevant content
    Quality Content
    Up-to Date Content

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