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This is a guest post written by experienced SEO copywriter Terry Bennet who you can reach at

seo-copywritingWhen writing copy for your website it is important to capture the attention of the browser and reader right from the outset. Writing killer copy is all-important and will make all the difference to your rankings on Google – and that is what I do for my clients.  I do killer SEO copywriting to die for so that you can rank way up on Google! There is simply no point in your site not being on the first page, and brilliant copywriting will make you stand out.


This means that you need a heading or title that will grab the attention of the individual right away and keep them glued to the page – one where they cannot rip their faces away, giving the visitor a chance to find out what you do in the very first paragraph of your content. Your clients need to know immediately what it is that you sell and what you offer. Writing brilliant copy peppered with the right mix of correct SEO key words is the main job of any copy writer, and if you think that your site does not need good copy, think again.


Good copy, and SEO, REALLY helps to rank any site on Google. This is the truth of the matter. And there are no short cuts. If you find that your expensive site is not ranking, the chances are that your SEO is not being done properly, and that your copy is inferior. If you have no idea how to write good copy and you are only capable of copying and pasting from the web ……well that is firstly not very honest and it is “cheap” – after all, you ought to know that there is nothing that quite beats original copy.


Writing well and research well done will make a world of difference as you can “feel” the mood. Did you know that someone can guess if you are sad or angry or in a bad mood just by your style of writing and how it comes across? This is a little like body language. When writing copy the words must flow, and the mood has to be just right! SEO copywriting is not for the faint-hearted.


Granted the economy is tough, everyone is REALLY struggling to tie the two ends of a month together, but a bit of light relief, fun stuff to browse through that is informative and gets right to the crux of the topic will appeal and make your site attractive, and regardless of how much you spend on your website, if your SEO is lagging behind and your copywriting is lousy, then all your hard-earned money will be for nothing.


I love copy writing. When I am in the throes of an excellent book, I always write down stunning little phrases that I can actually “see” in future content. I know this sounds a little strange if not eccentric, but then again when has anyone with a creative spirit not had these tendencies?

SEO copywriting is my thing – it is what I love and do best of all. If you would like your site to rank way up on Google in South Africa and you simply don’t know how to write brilliant, scintillating killer copy, I could help. My SEO copywriting will make the difference to your site. Contact me on to find out how your site can go from ordinary to extraordinary.


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