Choosing The Right Directory for Your Website

Deciding On The Right Web Directory

Back in the days, web directories where used the same way as your ordinary yellow pages for finding and locating certain services.  Now times have changed and web directories have a total new meaning to them.

So why are web directories important today?

directoriesDirectories are very essential in this day and age that we living we’re living in. Most of our lives revolve around the web, and if you decide not to get on board with expanding services across the globe, then you will be left behind while your competitors are getting a big portion of the pie.  Today, directories play a very significant role in SEO. As we all know, traffic is the order of the day when it comes to getting your SEO campaign going. What’s really the point of having a website that will offer services, but not being advertised or not make that service well known.  Having a website live alone does not guarantee you that the website will receive traffic – you have to make people come to the website. Crawlers tend to put more link value on one-way links rather than reciprocal links.

In terms of SEO, the best way to utilize directories is to have your website submitted to different directories. These directories serve as a database full of links that are sorted according to a certain topics and categories, just like your yellow pages. The benefits of using the directories is that you get to decide under which topics you would like to have your website submitted under. Directories also give you the privilege of choosing the keyword that you want to be associated with the website and the service that you’re offering. So when submitting, make sure you pick the right category that is relevant to your industry.

DMOZ and Yahoo are the two biggest directories today, and having your website listed under these high quality directories will really help your link quality, even though yahoo offers paid submission – which is not recommended as paid links are devalued. Unlike your crawler, always remember that the website being submitted will be review by humans so always make sure you supply good descriptions and titles and stick to the rules of submission, if you don’t then your site will be declined.

Look Local

Choosing The Right Directory In South Africa

When it comes to matter relating to the Internet, people associate better with websites that are:

  • Authentic
  • Have a good page rank
  • Don’t have hundreds of links on one page
  • Websites that have a longer domain age
  • Don’t have a low trust rank
  • Don’t have a low web page indexing
  • User friendliness

Taking the above factors into consideration, there are directories locally that meet the above requirements e.g., Ezsearch, Ananzi, Simplylinks and Sabest,  amongst a few others.  These are in my opinion the best directories to submit to.  Some directories such as EasyInfo, Hotfrog and Cylex  help with your Google Local (Maps) listing by means of citations (location trust). These directories are  among the oldest and have a high page rank, and user friendly so having your website submitted to these directories is not a bad idea.

These local directories are also listed under Yahoo and DMOZ, so when submitting your website, don’t just submit to any directory, have a look at the reviews, the kind of website that are currently submitted there, this will help decide if this is the right choice for you business. Always focus on using local directories for your services; this will help reach the right target as people search for services that they can find locally and easily. No point in advertising in regions that are way out of your reach. When submitting, always opt to using relevant descriptions and titles, this a good practice from a users point of view.

Things To Avoid: Don’t Submit to 1000’s of Directories!

People still think that having a huge number of submissions is still a way to go, but in honest fact it’s a terrible practice. Always make sure that when submitting to directories you don’t over do it, as this will look like spamming in the eyes of the crawler and it will have a negative effect and remember that humans will review those submissions – avoid being rejected.  Using services that offer 1000 links at a very low price is a bad idea and those links will carry very little value, also putting in mind that buying links is not recommended when it come to SEO. It’s better to have a few links coming from places that are authentic, reliable and relevant source as this counts a lot when determining link value.  In short rather submit to a few good and trusted directories because having your website on hundreds of directories with raise red flags in eyes of the crawler and also putting in mind that there a lot of free directories that are not really trust by Google, Yahoo and Bing.



  1. ChristopherM August 2, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for the article Bryan, gave my thoughts via Google+

  2. Chadwin July 6, 2016 Reply

    Again Awesome Post Bryan , I agree with you on vetting the quality of directories before submitting a website and of course the necessity of submitting to thousands of directories is a thing of the past.

    I do also find that google favors your big directories like yelp and the linkjuice from them are often better than local directories. Do you find the same?

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