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YouTube Introduces Captions Fully Indexed by Google

Matt Cutts from the Google Team has announced that YouTube has now added captions to all their video’s. This is great news for all of us who have used terrible programs in the past to try and caption the vids. It will also allow those who have no sound on their limited work computers to still watch those YouTube clips sent to them simply by reading the captions.

So how does this effect SEO?

If Google has actively converted all these Video’s so that they have captions, it means that their is a active text database for every video which could mean…. Google may in the future be able to index the content of the YouTube video’s in their SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).  If Google can index these captions then it may revolutionise the way that we search for Video’s. Google is all about relevance, so what better way to get this relevance than straight from the mouth of the YouTuber.

After a little more digging…

Yes Google is indeed indexing the closed captions… check out this interesting Video


Now it is time to get yourself on YouTube, make that company video and get a piece of the pie. YouTube SEO may be what a company (especially a music, radio or news station) will use as another strategy to market themselves.



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