What Is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Improving your Google Adwords click through ratio (CTR) can be a very tricky task. An advanced Adwords management method of improving this ratio is by using Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI). Yes it is a mouth full so in the industry we simply refer to it as DKI. Let me explain is a simple tutorial What DKI is and how DKI can improve your campaign click through ratio.

Understanding DKI

DKI is an advanced method used to dynamically insert a searched keyword into your Adwords campaign to make your Ads more relevant. So if someone searches for a keyword that triggers your add, your Ad will show that exact phrase used.

We simply use the following shortcodes in our ads to display the dynamic words:



{keyword:} – Will show only the keyphrase/keyword. This method is not recommended as it stands because it is possible that the phrase may be too long to hold the word or may contain spelling errors.

{keyword: SEO Cowboy} – Using a default word (in this case I used SEO Cowboy) is a safer method for DKI. The default word will display in the case that phrase is too long or does not meet the Google guidelines.

Variations of dynamic keyword display

There is quite a bit of flexibility with regards to the display of your dynamic keywords, take a look at the below options:

{Keyword:(default word)} –
First letter of first word is capitalized eg. Keyword display

{KeyWord:(default word)} 
First Letter of all words is capitalized eg Keyword Display

{KEYword:(default word)} 
Every letter of first word is uppercase eg KEYWORD display

{KEYWord:(default word)} 
Every letter of first word is uppercase plus first letter of remaining words eg KEYWORD Display

{KEYWORD:(default word)} 
Every letter is uppercase eg KEYWORD DISPLAY

Benefits of DKI

Dynamic keyword insertion can significantly increase your click through ratio as there is a possibility that the searched keyword gets inserted into the title of your Ad increasing its relevancy. Usually if a searcher sees the exact query he searched in an Ad he will be more likely to click on that Ad thinking… this must be relevant.

Downfall of DKI

It may be a good idea not to use dynamic keyword insertion if you are running a competitor campaign as this could be seen as infringement of some sort. For example if you decide to run a campaign for Vodacom with the dynamic keyword {KeyWord:Vodacom Specials} and use MTN as one of your targeted keywords then you Ad might read something like “Get MTN deals” leading to your Vodacom page…. not illegal according to Google but my guess is that the competitor will not be too happy.

Please Note: It is suggested that DKI only be used in campaigns that contain EXACT MATCH keywords only.


Please remember that these are advanced Adwords management tips for Adwords Professionals so please be careful when testing how these work. It is possible that your Ads can be denied when DKI is not applied correctly.

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