Tweets Back In Google Mobile Search

Google has once again announced that the will be including Twitter posts (tweets) as a priority in Google Mobile search results. In 2010 Google first started to show tweets in search results but they dropped this option in July 2011. Since then it has been a on/off relationship between the two giants with Google activating this option once again in 2012 but to a limited Chinese audience.

As far as I know, this feature is not yet visible in South Africa. Please let me know if you see it on any South African devices

This time around Google has announced that this option will only be available on the Google App, however there are plans to roll this option out to desktop at a later stage.

How it Works

While on a mobile device using the Google app you may search for a trending topic or use the hashtag (#) while searching. Google will then present you with a carousel of tweets that happened recently.


How Will This Affect Your Online Strategy?

Once again your strategy should always cover social media, this includes posting your new products, services or news to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook when possible. Yes this does mean that there is a chance that your organic listing on Google may be pushed down the results a little more, however, if you are already an industry leader then you most likely have all your bases covered anyway.

Your online eggs should not be placed in only one basket!

Your online marketing strategy needs to cover all options. If there is a topic trending in your industry then make sure you do the following:

Create an organic SEO strategy (try push the product, service or news naturally and make sure all the below mentioned networks lead to this page)

  • Post it on Google+ (for some ranking influence)
  • Post it on Twitter (for some social interaction and a possibility to show up in the new Twitter carousel on Google)
  • Post it on Facebook (if it is a social product someone is likely to share)
  • Create a Google AdWords campaign (this covers more real estate in search results on the topic you are covering)
  • Create a YouTube Video (if you have a video of your product or release)

Monitor your brand for positive and negative trends

If you provide a branded product, service or name that may trend, then use this option to monitor your brand easily. Individuals may use this method to complain/compliment about your brand so be sure to monitor this for any ambush media.

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  1. Chadwin July 6, 2016 Reply

    Awesome Post Buddy , Interesting breakdown / Reasons on why you should post to the various social networks i like it.

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