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Google Slap in Adwords – What To Do?

Have you been experiencing very low quality scores in Google Adwords (1/10 & 2/10)? Have you researched high and low and are not sure why your Adwords campaign has crashed? Your Adwords campaign could be “Google slapped” and your campaign could be getting banned unless you sort things out.

What is a Google Slap in Adwords?

Google slap is a term used when an Adwords campaign has taken on a penalty due to someone knowingly or unknowingly breaking Google’s Adwords Landing Page Guidelines.  This penalty results in every keyword in your campaign getting a quality score of less than 3/10 (You have not been Google Slapped if you have a couple 7/10’s). This low quality score will “infect” all your campaigns and the news does not get any better from there… if you are thinking of simply moving your campaign or starting a new one, think again. Google keeps records of this breach of their terms and usually carries that grudge with them over multiple accounts. Google has also  put a lot of measures in place to make sure these bad campaigns do not pop up again.

How to avoid a Google Slap?

When in doubt go back to Google’s landing page guidelines. Every Google Adwords Professional must know these off-by-heart. Some important guidelines often missed include:

  • Transparency: Make sure a “terms & conditions” and “privacy policy” exist on the target site and are clearly visible. This makes your site seem reputable and seems to be the most looked over factor to low quality score.
  • Original Content: Make sure that your Adwords landing pages contain original content that is not scrapped or copied from any other source.
  • Relevant Content: Make sure that your page indeed contains the information you displayed in your Adwords Ad.
  • Read Google Adwords Terms: If you have not done so already then get reading here

If you have already broken some of these rules and have been issued a Google Slap then you need to fix things ASAP. To do this is not easy and in most cases the damage has already been done. You may want to try the following:

  • Contact Google (via a support ticket) and ask them exactly where you have broken their guidelines.
  • Do not argue with Google, just find out what is wrong and get it fixed. Google does not care if you are a long time advertiser, they don’t care if you want to run off to the media etc. At the end of the day it comes down to their guidelines and your failure to comply.





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