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Google Plus Gets A Makeover

Google-Plus-new-iconWhen I first heard about Google Plus, I wasn’t really blown away by this product of Google’s but now after its makeover, this platform is a lot more user friendly and simple to use.  According to Vic Gundotra, a Google senior vice president, Google Plus now has 170-million users and has been redesigned in order to make it easier to use and more attractive.

The first feature you’ll notice is the left-hand Google Plus menu-bar, which is also known as the “ribbon.” This feature allows you to visit your favorite Google Plus service within seconds. Google has also made it possible for you to edit the ribbon,  for example, you can place your favorite service on the top  or, if you don’t like as service or have no use for it, you can drop it in the “More” box which is located at the bottom-left of the ribbon .

Another awesome feature is that is you hover over some of the applications a set of quick actions will be presented to you. For example, if you hover over the photos app, you’ll get options to add images from either your mobile phone or an online album. When you add new pictures to your Google+ account, you can also give them a tweak with the built-in photo editor. By integrating with Google’s Web-based Picasa photo editor it does make it much easy to neaten up photos that you want to share with friends and family in your circles.

Google Plus New Look

My favorite feature, which I really love, about the new interface are video hangouts. These are free video-conferences and you can have up to ten people in one hangout. You can easily access the feature now from your ribbon  and it is very easy to pick and choose who you want to join your video- conference (not something that was easy to find in the previous layout). In the new Google Plus vocabulary, a Card is known as the box that contains posts and everything that goes with it such as comments, plus ones, shares, etc. Gundotra, the Senior Vice-President of Social Business at Google says that “Cards” make it easier for people to scan and join discussions. The new Explore page has been implemented in order to keep you up to date with what’s new and happening in the world of Google+. Each of your circles  now has a slider  that you can use to determine how much of each circle’s message feed makes it to your main all-circles feed.

This new look and feel, does however have its limitations as it doesn’t extend to Google+ on tablets and smartphones.


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