Google Hangouts For Your Business

In the past couple of years we can all agree that Google doesn’t stop to amuse and surprise us with all the new features.  The coolest feature to be added to the Google family is  Google hangout. The hangout was introduced to us in the late 2011 and it has since then become a favourite for many.

But what is Google Hangouts?  Hangouts is a facility that enables people to have live video chats from anywhere in the world. Google Hangouts is like your normal conference call however, it is free and can handle multiple video connections at once. With Hangouts, you can communicate with up to 10 people at the same time, its like being in room with them. When having these live chats, you can share documents and even switch the camera to the person that is currently talking. Now people no longer need to worry about spending money have live conversations with friends and family. Hangouts is a very easy to use feature; you just have to be on Google+ to be able to make use of this exciting feature. Unlike your Skype which we were using to have video call and conference calls, no installations and updates are needed for the Google Hangouts, only the necessary plug-ins need to be installed to enable your video and camera to work efficiently.

With every feature that has been introduced by Google, it has always added some significant and value to the SEO industry and businesses in general. SEO specialists are taking full advantage of these features and making the industry even more revolutionary by enhancing the features that are constantly being invented, then again this is what Google wants at the end of day. The below video is a snippet on how this Google+ Hangouts actually works.

Advantages of Using Google Hangouts For Your Business

For any person, using the hangout is very fun and cost effective but what advantages does this feature have on business. From a business point of view the hangout feature offers a number of advantages that can help the company to be more productive and save a few bucks.

  • Using hangouts can save you time on attending business meetings, sometimes meetings can be unproductive and a total waste of time if both parties don’t see eye to eye. This will in turn be waste of business time and productivity time. By using hangouts, you are able to have the exact meeting at the comfort of your own space. Informal meetings can create a very relaxed and good relationship for both parties.
  • Webinars are getting really popular on the web, these webinars allow businesses and business experts to share expertise and information that the audience may need. By using hangout, you expand the reach for business audience by recording your hangout sessions for display on YouTube, which can appeal to the crowd that you want to reach, no matter where they may be in world. This could be another form of marketing strategy that will definitely save the company time and money.
  • By making your business available on hangouts, you create some interaction with your clients. This gives them the platform to easily have one on one consultation for present and future clients, obviously with the time management to be considered for availability reason.
  • Webinars are greater to use, but what about those clients that just want to ask questions. You can create a hangout where people can simply ask questions and you provide answers with live conversations.
  • If celebrities like Taylor Swift can use Google Hangouts to announce her new album, why don’t business use the same platform to make public announcement on such major platforms. Making announcement for major topics can help to reach major audience. Announce new products and services to get the desired number of audience feedback.
  • Google+ Hangouts can be used to perform product demonstrations to your client base.

Businesses should use Google Hangouts and other social media networks, as a marketing tool to sell and advertise their products; there is absolutely nothing to lose. Social media is indeed taking businesses to the next level; so don’t be left behind by insisting on doing things the old fashion way, times are moving and so should you.


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