Google Engage for Adwords Managers in SA

Update: Google Engage is now known as Google Partners

Google Engage launch took place on the 19th July 2011 and  those lucky enough to get an invite were treated to a day jam packed with awesome information from local South African “Googlers” . Luke McKend, the new Country Manager for Google South Africa kicked of the event outlining this new exciting product for Adwords Agencies in South Africa and even promised local support for Adwords Managers which really got my attention.

I am not going to get into the conference details as I am sure other bloggers will be giving you a run-down about the details of the conference, I have decided that the product is what most will be interested in so let me tell you a little more about that.


What is Google Engage?

Engage is a program primarily for small to medium advertising agencies, webmasters, SEO experts and web design companies looking to grow the amount of Adwords customers they have by offering them up-to-date information and resources to promote a successful campaign. It will allow agencies or professionals access to case studies and success stories, as well as essential training and seminars to help improve skills in Adwords management and customer interaction.

Can Anyone Join Google Engage?

There are a few requirements needed to join the Google Engage partner program,

  • Partners must be engaged in helping SMB’s grow their presence online
  • Partners must have a professional company website with a local SA number and Address
  • Partners need to be committed to helping their customers use Google’s search, Adwords and Analytics.

If you think you qualify, you can sign up for Google Engage right now and a “Googler” will review your application (this can take a while).

Once Accepted, how does Engage Benefit Me?

If Google believes your company is a worthy partner, you will gain immediate access to Google Engage Partner resources, this includes R500 Adwords Vouchers you can use to jump start new Adwords Campaigns for your clients (You can sign up for R300 vouchers here). You will also gain that very valuable support that we all long for in SA where they will supply you a free number to call Google for support. Another very valuable benefit will be the training seminar and workshops that Google will supply you in order to keep you skills up-to-date.


Google has made some big moves to help us engage with them here in South Africa, as far as I know this is Google’s first public attempt at forming relationships with advertisers in SA so I look forward to gaining more knowledge of Google Adwords and how it can dramatically increase a customers online presence.


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