First Page Ranking Guaranteed With Infinite Scroll

Looks like Google is looking at the possibility of using infinite scroll for web results as they have done for image search. Infinite scroll which is used by many leading content providers like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook does indeed help to speed up the process of searching through a mass number of results.

How Will Infinite Scroll Affect SEO?

For starters every SEO company can now guarantee first page results as the whole world will inevitably be on the first page, this should help eliminate companies that make money for such ridiculous claims. I personally think it will be a good thing and will speed up the whole process of finding a worthy results page.  Having an easy scroll page will allow companies on page 2 and 3 to get more exposure as visitors will most likely scroll a bit more rather than actually clicking on a next results page. However, in the end, results in the top 20 will still get the most traffic. As the competition gets heavier in the first 20 results it will be important to make sure that your titles are captivating and appealing to the searchers as there will be more results to choose from.

When will Infinite Scroll Come Into Affect?

Google is still in the testing phase with this and due to failed attempts with infinite scroll conflicting with Google Chrome last year, it seems they are now on the right track and may get this rolled out pretty soon.

Let me know what you think! Do you think this will be a good thing for users?


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