Adwords Management Should be Transparent

As an Adwords manager for many clients I have come to realise how important professional Adwords management is. After taking over many campaigns that have been run by so-called experts in the field I am appalled by the lack of maintenance these Adwords accounts have. Many clients think that their Adwords are running great because they see the vast amount of clicks that the campaign is bringing them but the client must not forget that they are paying for those clicks so they need to ask questions and make sure that their Adwords professional is not taking them for a ride. Your manager or management team needs to be transparent in the way he/she runs your campaign.

Questions to ask your Adwords Management Team

What is my budget spend per month? : You need to ask your manager the exact spend in your account every month. If your budget is R100 per day and your manager charges you R3000 per month (30 day month excluding management fee) then they need to show you how close they got to that target. In most cases the target may be R3000 for the month but the actual spend is less then that because your weekend days in your campaign may not reach the per day target. Google will try to compensate for weekends but usually the full amount is never met.

What is my average click-through ratio?: There is no point in spending a vast amount of money on your campaign if your CTR (click through ratio) is too low. You CTR on all your campaign should never fall below 1% in the search network. If the content in your campaign is well managed then you may even see a CTR of above 3% and as high as 20% on some of your power words. Low CTR will result in your overall bid to be higher than normal and if not watched carefully your whole campaign can crash. Low CTR keywords can drive down the quality score of your site.

What is my conversion rate? : So your manager has brought hundreds of clicks at a cost to you, but how many of those clicks actually convert into sales, leads or contact. You can have hundreds of visitors to your site every day but if no-one buys something, signs up for a service or contacts you then you are losing money. Ask your Adwords manager if they are tracking your conversions and if not…WHY? Sometimes conversion tracking cannot take place because they only manage your Adwords. It is important that your Adwords manager has access to your Google Analytics and can effectively link both accounts together for more accurate PPC (pay per click) tracking.

Are they managing through a MCC account? : All Google Adwords Professionals work through the My Client Centre (MCC) interface. If your Adwords manager is not using this interface then you may want to question their experience.

How many accounts are they managing? : Make sure that your Adwords manager is not overloaded. I would not recommend relying on an Adwords specialist that actively has over 100 PPC clients unless they are a large company with many managers. Adwords management does take time so be sure that they are spending time on your account.

Adwords Change Logs

Google makes records of every change your manager does to your account no matter how small. If a bid is changed it is logged, if a budget or keyword is changed it is logged. Ask your Adwords manager for this log and be sure they are working on your account every month or every day if it is part of your agreement. In some cases your campaign may be running perfectly and not need to be touched but I believe that every campaign has room for improvement and should be updated on a regular basis. If your manager is open and transparent then this should not be a problem.

Do I need a Adwords Manager?

In most cases the answer is yes. An Adwords Manager usually has the work experience to identify changes in your campaign that can effect your click through ratio and conversion rates. I challenge anyone to try manage their own campaign and then hand it over to a professional for a test spin. If that professional brings down your CTR and drives up your conversions then you may want to bring them on board.

Get an Adwords manager now

If you would like me to take a look at your current campaign or if your would like to try my services as an Adwords manager then please send me an email , contact me or call me on  +27798985012 (South Africa).

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  1. Most business that owners outsource adwords management will never ask those questions and most of them will constantly have low performing campaigns.

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