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SEO That Works – Do Not Get Scammed By SEO Companies

A certain company has popped up on the radar of a group of SEO professionals as being yet another company that is giving South African SEO Companies a bad name. Lets just call this the “SEO that works” campaign for awareness and understanding in the SEO industry. Like any industry, the SEO industry has some bad apples, however, there are some reputable search engine optimisation companies too and there are ways to tell the good from the bad.

So who are the bad SEO guys?

  • Not sure if a company is bad, then take our SEO test
  • The guys that claim to have a special relationship with Google. If you want a special relationship with Google then please send this guy an email and tell him how much you love his cat.
  • The guys that guarantee ranking on the front page of Google. These guarantees are not the ones you really want. You may be guaranteed Google’s attention as they do their tricks on your site and you end up disappearing from results altogether. Here is an example of such a scam.
  • The guys that talk about “Keywords Meta-Tag” … you better off hiring Julius Malema to do your  SEO as he actually has a better education.
  • 10000 directories … enough said, run for the hills.
  • Google Search for “<seo company in question> complaints” . Most customers like to complain if they have been scammed or given bad service they will most likely say so somewhere on the web. If a company has more that a couple complaints then it is time to move along.
  • Companies that promise you page 2 or page 3 listings…. If you are not on page 1 then it is a waste of money and time.
  • The guys that try to get you to buy up multiple domains. This is one of the biggest red flags out there, in most cases your site only ever needs ONE domain. Google makes it very clear in the guidelines that multiple domains are considered SPAM and Google will only ever choose one domain and ignore the rest. Landing pages and entry pages also go against Google’s quality guidelines so it is best not to go there.
  • The guys that say… don’t worry about Google, they take forever to find out that we are cheating them….Wrong! Google is very quick at picking up black hat pages these days and there is a huge likelihood that it your competitor see’s you breaking the rules they will be writing a nice love letter to Google.
  • Any company that wants to hide text on your site or stuff your site with as many keywords as possible. Remember, Google is all about quality so NEVER allow a SEO company to take away the quality of your content as seen by a user and replace it with junk and spam that has no quality to the reader. At the end of the day visitors want to read quality content and not a bunch of irrelevant junk.
  • Take a look at Google’s quality guidelines and ask the SEO professionals you are considering to hire questions about these guidelines. If they go against ANY of these rules set out by Google then it is time to reconsider because at the end of the day it is YOUR website that gets in trouble and they simply go destroy someone else’s site.

So who are the good SEO guys?

  • Not sure if a company is good, then take our SEO test
  • Search for their company in Google, or better yet ask them who their SEO expert is and then Google their name. Most SEO professionals are very vocal so it is very likely that we have well over 1000 profiles and mentions of our name.
  • SEO professionals write blogs, articles and case studies. This is the easiest way to tell if they are active in their industry and can actually give new input and recommendations to others.
  • SEO professionals comment all over the web, on forums, SEO websites and other industry related websites.
  • The real SEO guys all know each-other and usually see each-other at conferences, Google events, Adwords seminars etc Try find out if your SEO guy is part of the South African SEO community. If your SEO guy is not getting involved then it is likely that he/she is lacking in the knowledge needed for growth. SEO never stands still so if we do not keep learning and self education ourselves as professionals then we are sure to fall behind.

If you are not sure about an SEO company or individual then please do send me an email and I will do the homework for you. I am not out their to steal business so you can be sure that I will give you the most accurate truthful answer.


  1. Anton Koekemoer Oct 13, 2011 Reply

    So true.  But this is not just about SEO companies.

    Saw a banner this morning “Want to be no 1 on Google? Call us for web design and SEO services – number”. Wtf? Just a number.  Maybe I will call them to get me a #1 position on for “life insurance”. 

    How many times do you see companies advertising that they are into SEO, SMM, PPC, Website Design, Development, etc but actually they are just a bunch of wannabe designers that doesn’t know anything about marketing online?  Same goes for companies advertising they provide professional SEO services when they are actually focusing only on PPC.

    To make sure you get the best people for the job, do some research about them first as you explain above.

    • Dicebat Oct 13, 2011 Reply

      Agreed. Research research research. And it’s also important to not only read what you want to read but to get both sides of a story and read what the SEO company’s response was (ie. complaints).

      There are far too many jealous individuals in this industry as well (The jealous outnumber the wannabe noobs).

  2. Johan Watson Oct 15, 2015 Reply

    About 90% of SEO companies in South Africa is scams. Most of these companies is out to make a quick buck.The best SEO service is from the USA. South African SEO companies is like the ones in India all scammers!

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