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Adwords Manager

I am proud to be a Google Partner and one of the top AdWords Managers in South Africa. I personally manage each campaign to convert and perform at optimal levels.

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SEO Expert

I am a SEO Professional at heart, out-ranking other agencies with twice the man-power. SEO & AdWords go hand-in-hand, so by having knowledge in both areas, I can reduce your AdWords costs.

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Analytics Professional

There is no use in getting top ranking or having the best marketing campaign in the world if you can’t strategise around the results and turn those visits into conversions.

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Google Trainer

I am a Google Partner Academy Trainer (Google Regional Trainer) helping agencies and individuals throughout Johannesburg and South Africa with Google AdWords and Google Analytics.

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Top AdWords Professional in South Africa with an unbeatable digital marketing strategy!

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More About Me

What I Do

I am a Google Partner Academy Trainer (Google Regional Trainer), and I also have a handful of priority clients where I am responsible for all aspects of their digital marketing portfolio from Google AdWords management to SEO and location based marketing. I am the owner of Casson Media, one of the top “one-man” (if not the top) agencies in South Africa.

What I Used To Do

I used to own the blog SEO Cowboy ( which has now merged with I am still an SEO expert at heart but now only offer SEO to my Google AdWords clients.

Where I Do It

Even though I am physically located in Johannesburg, I offer my consulting and training throughout South Africa. While I am not closed to international interest, my primary focus is to improve the education and economy of South African run businesses.

My Capabilities

AdWords Search 99%
AdWords Display 95%
Remarketing 92%
Google Places 95%
Location Based Targeting 91%
Onsite Optimisation (SEO) 99%
Youtube Advertising 89%
Google Analytics 100%